by Pinfinger

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Recorded by Jeff Brown at Pyramid Octagon Thoth Studios. Huge thanks to Jay Siriani, Chwas, and small clones everywhere.


released February 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Pinfinger New Haven, Connecticut

real life guitar rock from the old country

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Track Name: Beneath
hanging on the way it floats above
lifeless, massive, plastered with familiar face
as if to say, "you made me this way, you put you down there"
"you made me this way. you hung up here"
"you tethered my feet to this slow spinning sphere"
and i could care less because i want it that bad
i'll cultivate this until the end

but you won't see me when i come for you
because i'm hidden beneath the rising sun
and i'm the only one you'll ever love
and when i go, you'll feel it in your bones
you'll know which was the broken one,
which piece failed, and which end held it up
Track Name: Like Knives
happy birthday starlight, i made you something nice
i hope you hate it and you throw it out and don't think twice
of times i made you smile and times i let you win
i hope you don't remember anything

sinking into nothing and chewing on my cheek
i hope it counts for something, this unwillingness to speak
on why the stars stay hanging like knives above my head,
remembering so tacitly each word i never said

they're above my head

it's all i wanted
Track Name: Product Placement
swatting at the flies
my only entertainment
strap the braces to my legs
for when the catatonic wave hits
because if i've got to stick around
i want to stand where i can see it

rubbing holes into my thighs
growing tired of this arrangement
chase the lowest form of high
a posterboy for product placement
keep on sucking until it's dry
or until it's time for liquidation
because if i've got to stick around
i want to stand where i can see it

slipping away
my time is waiting for
wander astray
that time left yesterday
Track Name: My My Hey Hey (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
This is a cover of Neil Young's "My My Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)" off of Rust Never Sleeps with Crazy Horse. Written by Neil Young and Jeff Blackburn.