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Recorded in 2016 at Dexter's Lab in Milford, CT. Engineered by Jeff Brown.

Upright bass on "Seamless" and Percussion on "Ennui" by Jeff Brown.

Special thanks to Nick Bellmore, Dan Manning, Larry Butler, Giovanni Richitelli, Kyle Niland, and Christopher B. Bob.


released February 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Pinfinger New Haven, Connecticut

real life guitar rock from the old country

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Track Name: Pure Blue
Seven bows bent against the wind
To weigh my regrets, where do i begin,
And where does it end?

Full moon - It's the same face, the same hue:
Pure blue - It's the same place without you

I can't reach out far enough,
Can't lower my voice or gentle my touch
It's all that i need, but it's never enough
To keep track of time through the minutes and months,
As they're ground into dust

Full moon - It's the same face, the same hue:
Pure blue - It's the same place without you

Against the grain
Chasing the ghost in vein
To aspirate
The cavity remains
Track Name: Ennui
Devoted and true, I see them
Wrapped in shoots
You needle, plunge into
My greenest weeping plume

And I don't want to go,
But I need it to keep me whole

And there's no use retreating
From honest truce
The tree that bears no fruit can't gorge
Your sweetest tooth

And I don't want your scrawl,
But I need it to break my fall

You know i do
Track Name: Seamless
I'm in between
Everything I love
And what I really need
It seems I'm moving
In my sleep again

Something between
What I always say
And what I really mean
It's easier for me to hide
Between the seams

Can't remember how it feels to be lonely
I'm scared of how close I've been
I'm thinking of one and only
I'm struggling to see again
Track Name: Minutiæ
I watched you crawl through the sunlit hall
Falling silent, aside from the occasional apology
Reverberating from me across the ceiling

Finding out nothing is sacred
Constantly chasing replacement
For implanted memory of a love you'll never need
I'd rather be alone
Rather below the stone

Drifting ever further on
Drawing blood from every stone
Dark waves are crashing over me
Their splintered droplets flying free
I feel better off

Far from home
Dragged by the stone
As it rolls on

I don't need to be the one that's lifted
In spit of me, it will remain forscrifen
And I can see you want to be
You want to be, in spite of me